5 Apps that Transformed my life

A rainy September night in the Fall of 2015 was a turning point in my life. My roommate had just landed a full time job at Google after finishing an internship with Twitter. As an individual who thrives when surrounded by success, I spent that night thinking of what I could do to step up my game. Patience was the answer, the work I was doing on my journey would eventually pay off but that September night I turned to the App store in search of new Apps - I was looking for a framework to implement routines into my life.

The following apps, helped me become calmer, smarter, fitter and more organized. They eventually turned into automatic behavior patterns that I activate when using my phone instead of losing myself in a world of news and social media. I realized that there are so many apps out there that can positively impact your life and I want to use this article to share 5 apps that really transformed my day to day life.

1. Headspace 

headspace logo

Headspace has transformed my life more than any other app before by helping me integrate meditation into my day to day- having meditated 60 times in the past 119 days. It taught me to meditate through its different guided meditations and helped me stay on track with its progress tracker. Its very well designed user interface make implementing the habit of meditation an easy task. 

2. Evernote

evernote logo

Notes, pictures, recordings - Evernote is the best digital version of the traditional Moleskin notebook. Perfect synchronization between devices, clearness and easiness to use. You know that you can never go wrong when using Evernote.   

3. 7 Minutes Workout 

The only app on the list that I do not use on a day to day basis but only because I am a gym rat. Great workout that gets me sweating after 1 lap -which only takes 7 minutes. I used it a lot when traveling but I feel that it could also be used to get into working out. Jack Dorsey has publicly recognized that he is a 7 minutes workout daily user, nothing else has to be said...

4. Blinkist

The most expensive subscription of the list and the only one that I wouldn't necessary tell you to download because it sucks until you get into it. 15 minutes summaries in audio and text form of the best books in personal development, economics and current world affairs. Great for the current fast paced world we live in, highlights is that it synchronizes with Evernote. Not so good: $80 per year. 

5. Elevate 

The latest edition to my routine. Elevate feels like an app I should have had when I was studying for my SATs. Brain training made fun but also competitive-  language, speaking, memory, math, vocabulary. If I wasn't a college student who's mentally challenged on a daily basis I think this would be a number one app on my list to keep my mind sharp.